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18 Year Old Rosemary Newman, Pregnant & Strangled by Child’s Father

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Twenty-year-old Deandre Minkins and his girlfriend 19-year-old Shante Thomas have been charged with first-degree murder and intentional homicide of an unborn child. Good, but who knows how extensively they’ll be punished.

A brief investigation revealed that Minkins and Thomas extensively planned and plotted the murder of Rosemary Newman over a span of several weeks. Rosemary was nine months pregnant, and Deandre Minkins was the father of her unborn child, although the two weren’t romantically involved. Shante and Deandre must have come to a mutual understanding that this child must not be born, probably because the deadbeat didn’t want to pay child support, or maybe Shante was blinded with jealousy over having to share her new man with a young child and ex girlfriend. At any rate, they plotted and on the night of the murder, their plans came to fruition.

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Pregnant Woman Dies After Medics Refused Help

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RIP, Eutisha & baby!

A pregnant Brooklyn woman suffering a fatal seizure in a coffee shop in the shadow of FDNY Headquarters was ignored by two callous city medics who continued to buy their breakfast, eyewitnesses told The Post.

“The EMTs just said we had to call 911. They got their bagels and left,” said a disgusted worker.

Frantic employees at the Au Bon Pain at 1 Metrotech Center approached the FDNY medics at 9 a.m. on Dec. 9, shortly after colleague Eutisha Revee Rennix, 25, began to complain of shortness of breath and intense stomach pains. Workers immediately dialed 911.

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Murdered: Valicia Demery

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*Editor’s Note: This story was sent to me by someone who went to school with Valicia. The media is not reporting it yet but I have been told by my source that the reason Bernard murdered Valicia was because she was pregnant with his child. Bernard did not wish to have the baby, so rather than being a man and either stepping up to the plate OR foregoing any responsibility to the child (as most deadbeats do), he murders her. It’s sad when people think that their ONLY way out of being responsible is by taking the life of someone else. My heart truly goes out to the family of the victim and may Valicia rest in peace!

UPDATE: The media is now reporting that Valicia was in fact five months pregnant!! Click HERE for more information regarding her death and to see a picture of the suspect, Bernard Bellamy!!

Original Article Found at WUSA Channel 9

The former Student Government Association President at Forestville Military Academy has been arrested and charged with the murder of a classmate.

Prince George’s County Police announced the arrest of 20-year-old Bernard Bellamy of the 700 block of Quade Street in Oxon Hill, Maryland. He was arrested Monday morning at West Virginia State University where he is currently a student.

Bellamy is charged with the murder of 19-year-old Valicia Andrea Demery whose body was found on the track circling the football field of Forestville Military Academy in Maryland early Sunday morning. She died of trauma to the upper body, according to police.

Bellamy and Valencia Demery graduated at the same time from the Forestville Military Academy and were dating, according to Demery’s family. Demery was pregnant with Bellamy’s child, according to her father, Garrett Demery.

Bellamy had been “harassing” Demery with text messages in recent days, her father said.

Police describe the murder as an incident of domestic violence.

Bellamy is a psychology major enrolled in ROTC at West Virginia State University outside Charleston, according to his parents.

He was due to depart for U.S. Army basic training later this month, his parents said.

Bellamy’s parents believed he was in West Virginia all weekend, according to his father Bernard Bellamy Sr. The family said their son had dated Demery and gone to the prom with her in high school, but they had not seen her since October of 2008.

While a student at Forestville Military Academy, Bellamy was a president of the Student Government Association and captain of both the basketball and golf teams, according to his parents.

Murdered: Coty Simmons

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When mother-to-be Coty Simmons settled in for a nap in the back seat of her sister’s boyfriend’s car Dec. 15, no one knew she’d never again wake up.

That night, Simmons, 20, snoozed as her kid sister Sully, 19, visited her boyfriend in the front seat of a car parked in the 4700 block of Galahad Drive in eastern New Orleans, their mother said. Just after midnight, a man emerged from the back of a house on the block, firing a gun at the car.

A bullet struck the back of Simmons’ head, police said. She was taken to University Hospital and placed on life support, but she died from the wound Saturday, said John Gagliano, the coroner’s chief investigator. Also wounded was the 27-year-old man in the car, but he was in good condition by the time EMS paramedics got him to University Hospital.

Simmons’ death ended a nine-day journey littered with tragic news for her family, said mother Stella Simmons, 48. On Christmas Eve, the family learned of the death of her fetus, just 19 weeks old. Coty Simmons planned to name him London Travell or Travell London, after his father, Travell Taylor.

On Friday, the Simmons family learned Coty was brain dead, Stella Simmons said. She died less than a day later, leaving behind her parents and a host of siblings and half-siblings.

“I never had a sister, but she was like my sister because I shared everything with her,” Stella Simmons said of her daughter, as a steady stream of relatives and friends filed into the grieving family’s Gentilly home Monday night. “If I couldn’t talk to God, I could talk to her.”

Gone was a budding young artist whose gift was never understood by her peers.

When she was a sophomore at L.E. Rabouin High School, Coty Simmons earned admission into the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. She thrived on painting still lifes of fruits and flowers. She also painted and decorated parade floats at the Mardi Gras Signature School, housed within Rabouin in 2005.

But her friends teased her about the “nerdiness” of her NOCCA venture throughout the four months she spent there, Sully Simmons said. Coty gave her art and grades a greater priority than dances, movies and going out. Her big nights out were spent with Sully, in cheap French Quarter sandwich and pizza joints, pointing and giggling at partygoers’ drunken shenanigans.

Pregnant & Murdered: Tavia Sills

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Original Article Found at Shreveport Times

Tavia Sills tucked the ultrasound photo in the baby book and named him Tavion Demond.

The 18-year-old planned to welcome her baby boy into the world Jan. 18. In anticipation of his arrival, she bought him T-shirts, booties, rattles and a baby stroller.

“Tay was so excited about this child,” said her mother, Vickie Britton. “All she talked about is how she was going to take care of her son and what she was going to do with him.”

But Sills will never get the opportunity to hold her child or push him in the stroller. The mother-to-be, a freshman at Southern University in Shreveport who was missing for three days, was found fatally shot and floating in a north Shreveport pond Friday. Police say they have recovered the handgun that was used.

Sills’ ex-boyfriend and the alleged father of her unborn child — LaMondre Tucker, of the 2300 block of Jamison Street — is charged with first-degree murder. More arrests are possible, Shreveport police Detective Rod Demery said.

“I don’t know what happened; they were childhood friends,” Britton said. “They dated in middle school, and again after they got older. They broke up, and all Tay wanted was for him to be a part of the baby’s life.”

Britton last saw her daughter when Tucker picked her up about 7:30 p.m. Sept. 9 to meet his cousin in Shreveport’s Queensborough neighborhood.

About an hour later, he returned to Sills’ Hazel Street residence to tell her family he’d dropped her off at a nearby apartment complex — where her sister lived.

“I knew immediately something was wrong,” Britton said. “It was just a mother’s instinct. I called the police because it didn’t seem right and Mondre acted a little nervous.”

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