18 Year Old Rosemary Newman, Pregnant & Strangled by Child’s Father

Twenty-year-old Deandre Minkins and his girlfriend 19-year-old Shante Thomas have been charged with first-degree murder and intentional homicide of an unborn child. Good, but who knows how extensively they’ll be punished.

A brief investigation revealed that Minkins and Thomas extensively planned and plotted the murder of Rosemary Newman over a span of several weeks. Rosemary was nine months pregnant, and Deandre Minkins was the father of her unborn child, although the two weren’t romantically involved. Shante and Deandre must have come to a mutual understanding that this child must not be born, probably because the deadbeat didn’t want to pay child support, or maybe Shante was blinded with jealousy over having to share her new man with a young child and ex girlfriend. At any rate, they plotted and on the night of the murder, their plans came to fruition.

Read the full story HERE.

2 Responses to “18 Year Old Rosemary Newman, Pregnant & Strangled by Child’s Father”

  1. Thicndawst Says:

    Jia, I sent you this link about a month ago an also to many other bloggers- but you were the only one to post the story and I want to thank you so much!

  2. projectnewera Says:

    NO problem. Thank you so much for sending and sorry that I’m just now approving/replying.

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