Suspected Rocky Mount, NC Serial Killer Arrested

Murdered: Christine Boone (pictured above)

*Editors Note: I heard about this killing spree that was taking place in Rocky Mount, NC and was told that it wasn’t receiving much media attention because the women who were missing/found dead were drug addicts and/or prostitutes but they all share something else…they’re all black. You can read about the missing/dead women HERE. Below is another story about a murder thought to be related to the other deaths in the area. Much thanks to Dervin.

The state medical examiner has identified remains found earlier this month in Halifax County as those of a Rocky Mount woman who had been missing since 2006.

Deputies with the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office found the body – identified Friday as 43-year-old Christine Boone – in a wooded area March 5 behind the former Scotland Neck home of Antwan Maurice Pittman.

Authorities arrested Pittman, 31, in September and charged him in the murder of Taraha Nicholson, one of seven other Rocky Mount women found dead in swampy and wooded fields around the east border of the city since 2003.

Boone was among three missing women who fit a similar profile of the seven victims – each was black, had a history of drug abuse and prostitution, and moved through the same social circles, according to family and friends.

Authorities would not say what prompted them to search around the vacant trailer at 98 Nasturtium Lane in Scotland Neck, where Pittman lived as recently as 2006. The residence is a 45-minute drive away from where all the other victims were found.

Boone’s sister, Minnie Jones, said she was overcome by emotion when authorities contacted her Friday. “I was shocked,” Jones said. “I’m hurt, I’m devastated, and I’m mad. I’m very mad.”

Read More HERE

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