Product of His Environment

*Editor’s Note: Can’t help but to wonder where this four year old boy learned this behavior. Be it through his surroundings or what he sees on television, the father should be indicted on criminal charges…PERIOD!

Four Year Old Boy Shoots Two Year Old Brother

2 Responses to “Product of His Environment”

  1. Shaulanaw Says:

    This is really sad…and sickening! I could be wrong but the father is a
    fuc%ing liar. Why would you bring a loaded hand gun into the house around your 3 children, not knowing if someone just committed a murder with that same gun, or not. Instead of getting rid of it your stupid ass keep it (at arms reach) and risk the lives of not just the 1 who was injured but all 3 of your kids.

    Please excuse my language people, but I hate it when sloppy ass, young men with no ambition and no drive decide to live the thug life and can’t live up to the responsibility of their choices once the shit hits the fan. Jia you are absolutely correct, the 4 year old is a product of his enviroment. It’s just unfortunate that the parents expose thier kids to this “Thug Mentality” instead of exposing them to Knowledge that will eventually get them somewhere in life….a shame!!!!

  2. PoeticEnigma Says:

    I feel bad for the 4-year old who has to live with this and all of the children for being raised in that environment. The father looked like he was lying and his story didn’t even make any sense. You don’t just forget about finding a gun in your yard. Hopefully the children can be moved to a better home and have a chance.

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