5 Murdered in Chicago


*Editor’s Note: (pictured left to right..Anthony Scales Jr., Whitney Flowers, Donovan Richardson…not pictured are two other victims…Reginald Walker & LaKesha Boss)

Original Article Found at CBS Chicago

Chicago police say the deaths of five people found murdered inside a Chatham neighborhood home were targeted, and neighbors should not panic.

Police said all the victims were beaten before being shot to death. And officers from the police prostitution, vice and narcotics units are also involved in the investigation.

Police brass called on the public to provide any information that may help solve the massacre. They added that the shootings appeared to be well-planned and that the home had been ransacked. Police said they do not know the motive, but they are talking to a number of people in the investigation.

A day after the murders, the house is still ringed in police tape as detectives try and solve the worst mass murder in Chicago since 2003. Investigators have ruled out murder-suicide and now believe more than one killer is on the loose.

“It’s still early but this doesn’t appear to be the work of one person,” said Cmdr. Eddie Welch of the Chicago Police Department.

And police believe the killers planned their attack.

“It wasn’t something that was random,” Welch said. “No killer running in the neighborhood. This was an event that was targeted. They were definitely targeted.”

Police say the home was ransacked. But they wouldn’t say if the killers forced their way inside before shooting three men and two women to death.

5 Responses to “5 Murdered in Chicago”

  1. Tonya Tunez Says:

    A beating, then killed sounds personal. It sounds as if the victims knew the killers. I really hope they catch who did this.

  2. sigh… which brings the tally to 41 to round out the last weekend and damn near 70+ for the year so far. And it’s because I feel as a society we have skipped a generation of parenting and discipline that I have no idea how we would go about solving the problem. It’s the “nothing to lose” attitude these youngins are runnin with. How do you go against that?

  3. I cannot believe that day after day, week after week we have to lose our people to all this senseless violence. I agree with the above poster…we have lost a generation but now is the time to fight back. From the bottom up this has got to stop.

  4. This is definitely ashame, I can’t believe that Whitney gone. I went to school with Whitney, I wish she would of listened to her mother, when she told her to come home with her. But kids gone to what they want to do regardless. This is crazy too many mothers getting killed, and having to leave their kids behind. Same thing happened to my cousin and she left four kids behind, and the person who killed her was somebody she knew. I’m glad they got one of the guys who did this.

  5. simone doss Says:

    this is my sister and i have to go though this every day it hard to let her go because she did not deserve to die she was my favorite out of five sister all girl

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